There comes a time, when I give my kit a major overhaul... like a detox, but with brands. I try to experience as much of what is out there, but my bank balance does have its limits! So I do appreciate it so much when brands send me product to try. I have read enough about Mama MIO  to know that is has the same philosophy of care and consideration for healthy choices, as I do when it comes to stocking my kit. As a commercials and advertising makeup designer I work with such a huge variety of faces and skin types that I need to stock products that cover this range. And, of course, I don't want to schlep along tons of product. So I naturally hunt for products that do more than just one little thing, as these multi-taskers prove not only useful, but economical.
Although body creams come and go like naughty flings in my kit, it's always easier to have a standard cream to go to. But to qualify creams have to work well, be safe and as healthy as possible, be easily absorbed, and leave no trace. They also have to be cost effective. And yes, I already have favourites, so they really have to beat those to make it into my kit. This Future Proof body butter from Mio is delectable. I adore. And to be quite frank, it is a selfish choice...because it will end up being used by me, on myself, more often than not. Firstly I love the smell of it.It has Blueberry and Pomegranate oils, and smells good enough to eat, but with a sophistication that makes it elegant to wear on skin. The Reishi Mushroom extract is intriguing , and I wanted to know what it actually regulates the immune system, and improves blood circulation, with regular use, of course. Now this is pretty useless to some models that I may only see once in a blue moon, but for me, well you can see where this is going.
Yes, I love this cream. It smells good; it leaves my skin feeling silky without feeling waxy; I feel fresh when I apply it, and my sensitive skin reacts well to it; it's perfect for me at this stage in my life when I'm looking to pre-empt floppy, flabby, sagging skin... but for my kit?? I wish. At R980 for a 240g tub...I would have to be Val Garland to afford it!?! But if you are Val Garland, your kit will be much improved, and your older models will give you the eyeball of trust... you can find it at Wellness Warehouse... but you'll have to pre-order, because it happens to be in high demand, and obviously, sold out!!!
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