Palladio markets itself as a herbal and vitamin enriched brand. I really don't know if this is their actual selling point, or just a byline. But what I do know is that I have liked just about every product of theirs that I have tried. Except their brushes!?!
When I bought them at R50 a brush, I was ecstatic. I mean, R50 a brush!?! that doesn't happen too often. Well I bought a few. And felt horribly betrayed when they started shedding after the first wash...and continue to shed...and shed. Yes, we all know that most brushes do. And you even have some brands telling us that it's perfectly normal and to be expected. Umm, no. It's not. Well, okay, it's normal for bad brushes to shed...if that's what they mean.
I hate admitting that my product choices are not always as wise and sensible as two decades of experience as a makeup artist should prove. But... sadly, it has come to that point where these brushes are just an annoyance. It's mostly the "mop" brushes: the powder and blush brush , that are the culprits. I use the foundation brushes to apply sunscreen and cream products, and so far no shedding from those. But I am getting rather tired of picking a torrent of hairs of a model's face after powdering! So those culprits will be banished from the realm of brush pouch, never to be seen again.
But here's a product I would recommend from the Palladio brand: their blushes. These I use more often than any other blush in my makeup kit. They are matte, wonderfully matte! No risk of shimmer here. These are brilliant for HD work, and don't fade too quickly, depending on how well you have prepped the skin. The shades are ideal for basic lifestyle makeup. And you get quite a bit for your buck! They also have other detail brushes that I haven't tried...too disappointed to bother, but next time I'm at Dischem, I'll chance a look.
Have you tried this brand? If so, please share your thoughts in the comments.
Thanks for reading.
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