Next in the series of WISHLIST posts is my STILA wish list:
I already have the MIND and SPIRIT palettes, and these are already part of my kit. I liked their lip glazes, but found them a little too sparkly for my use. But it is their cream blush that I adore. So beautiful and versatile, that I have used it on lips and eyes! But I only have the Lillium, and would like a couple more!
Stila Fuschia
Stila Convertable Colour in Fuschia , I really want to see this tone on deeper skins, it might work as a good base for a deeper powder blush, or simply as a glowy highlight. Could be nice to try. Stila has the advantage of having been designed by a makeup artist. So it's nice to see shades that have more professional thought behind it. I adore my eye shadow palettes, and always feel that Im spoiled for choice, because I can use any and all of them. The creams I don't use as often, mostly because they require more blending. But I do think that their tones are so authentic on skin, that I simply must!

Stila Peony
 Stila Convertable colour in Peony is such a versatile colour, and I do think I would get more use from this one thatn I have from the Lillium, which I use for very fresh looks. The peony looks deeper than it applies, I believe, from swatches I've researched, and it has a natural coral finish, which I would use frequently.
Stila Patina
Stila lipsticks in Amore, Bellisima, Dolce, and Patina. That's all. These shades will be all my kit will need this summer! Gorgeous shades that would work perfectly for that super sexy natural pout. I haven't tried any of these yet, but these are the ones I would choose to put in my kit just from knowing the quality of the brand and looking at the shades and tones they develop.

There is so much out there, and quite understandabliy, every makeup artists wants more! But my list may not include the hype and mania of current trends, because I'm more focused on superior quality and reliable shades that work for photographic and cinematographic work.

Here's MY URBAN DECAY WISHLIST in the mean time.

Leave a comment if you've tried these!!
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