July and August is the time I start prepping my makeup kit for the next summer shooting season. In the industry we simply call it Season! It is our busiest time and we usually can't wait for it to arrive. But it is exhausting. The gear up to Season include a ritual cleaning and restructuring of my kit, for me this can take weeks to do!!
It's the time I reconsider my choices from last Season, and decide what makes it into my kit for this Season. Most makeup artists are incredibly loyal: they will try as many new products as possible, but tried and trusted will always be present in our standard kits. However, with so many new brands available in South Africa, I find myself being far more adventurous than ever before. I aslo go through makeup ten times faster than most consumers and possibly twice or even 3 times as fast as many other makeup artists. So change can happen quickly enough in my kit. But how do I make those choices???
I thought I'd share my MAKEUP WISHLIST with you in a series of posts featuring fully accessible beauty brands in South Africa.
It's a  list of products I desperately want in my kit for Season, not just because everyone's talking about them, but because everyone's talking about them for a reason: they're pretty darn good!
There are many times when I want to simply go back to my old-school favourites, but 2016 is a year for adventure! And this year I really want to find NEW favourites. Makeup trends change, and it has nothing to do with our concept of beauty: it's about unlocking an adventure. So off we go:

From the latest big brand to hit our shores: URBAN DECAY has so much more to offer than their iconic All Nighter setting spray! I took a look at the possibilities, but I have no idea of just how much is available at their store in Johannesburg. But here's what I want!!!
 Urban Junkie

A compartmentalized makeup bag. I need something much larger for my kit, but this is the perfect size for those low key shoots where I only have one artist to care for and know exactly what will be require, with the guarantee of no changes! It does sometimes happen. This bag actually opens further and you have extra storage underneath. More space than you'd think, looking at this image. The more separate compartments there are, the better for pro makeup artists. This also works well for a compact kit that you can set up anywhere, especially when shooting in tight spaces, and you pretty much have to work directly out of your kit, with little or no makeup station.
 Urban Tool Carry All

I can never have enough of these! Makeup brush holders are essential for order and sanity. They also help keep brushes hygenically separated when you use one carry all for all your dirty brushes. So, of course, you will need at least two... I would prep my first Urban Tools Carry All with the brushes I plan to use for each session, and then as they are used I pop them into my second carry all brush holder. This way the dirty brushes won't contaminate the clean ones.
 UD Optical Blurring Brush

Urban Decay have a line of PRO brushes. I like the look of some of the shapes and sizes, so I'm curious to see how well they fare in a filming environment which require much frequent spot cleaning and washing! Now brushes, when they're good, are makeup artists best friend! And we are often devoted to favourite brands; not only that, we often require many more than an average consumer.
 UD Smoky Palette

I have the Naked Palette, and the Basics palette, both the original palettes, which will work well in my very neutral kit. But my heart yearns for the sleek, sassy, sophistication of the SMOKY palette. Can you not feel the love and admiration?! This palette offers a range of shades that make me swoon. Although my Naked (original) palette will certainly be used on a daily basis, the SMOKY is the one I will pull out for all my boss-lady-business looks. ....Okay, I just really want this for myself!!
 UD eyeshadow primer potion

 I depend on long-wearing makeup; especially eyeshadows. I don't always have the time to do full touch-ups; we work so fast that I go in only for the most urgent and necessary fixes, like shine. So I try to use products that require the least amount of fixing throughout the shooting day. Not all eyeshadow primers are made equal, so I'm keen to see how these fare, given their phenomenal reputation.
 Urban Decay Prep Spray

I'm not a fan of primer. I have a few, but often end up using a good moisturiser instead. So primers have to be better than every other primer for me to fall in love with it. What I do tend to use on just about every model, is a hydrating spritz. Yes, I have favourites, but I am keen to try this one: Urban Decay's B6 Vitamin Infused Complexion Prep Spray. With "redness reducing, pore minimizing, and oil absorbing qualities, it sounds ideal for a makeup artist who wants to prime the skin without the alien layer of silicon that all too often flakes...tsk tsk. So this spray might just solve that problem! Yes. Want this!
 Urban Decay Setting Spray

A makeup mistress's life is nothing without a good setting spray. But give me one with oil control, and you have given me a day of calm on set! Running up and down a location from one shooting team to the next, is the reason I don't go to gym! I'm too damn tired. Which is why having a kit filled with products that are kinder to me, and take the mad panic out of any given day, is the most zen thing I can do! With so many new advances in the cosmetics industry, our jobs seem to be getting easier. And that's a good thing! What is most impressive about Urban Decay Setting Sprays, even before I've tried them, is knowing that this product was formulated via Skindinavia...who, by the way, have the reputation for being the best...globally...for setting sprays. Here's what they say on the UD site:

"Developed in an exclusive partnership with SKINDINÄVIA, this groundbreaking, clinically tested formula features patented Temperature Control Technology. Yep, this baby actually lowers the temperature of your makeup to help it stay put and keep skin looking smooth (but never shiny)."

And finally, who doesn't want to know well the actual foundations and powders work... Since this is often the most crucial element in creating real skin... #nofilter... I am always lusting after the very best set-ready finish... Yes, I want to try Urban Decay's NAKED SKIN powders and foundations!!Not getting carried away, folks, this is what I do: I work with a multitude of different skins from all over the world, most are not top models, but they are real faces that you have seen in magazine adverts, newsletters and online ads, the last thing I want is for them to look like they've spent too much time getting worked on... It has always got to be real.
Makeup by me... #keepingitreal #amakeupmistress

Next up:  my STILA wishlist! Coming soon.

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