Aromas by NAK : incredible haircare available at RetailBox and StyleBar
 AROMAS by NAK Hair Australia is by far an outstanding hair care range. It's pretty much like having a treatment everytime you wash your hair. I was generously treated to a set of Aromas Shampoo and Conditioner for my curly hair, by the folks at StyleBar. These two products alone have changed the way I feel about my hair. There was a moment when I wanted to snip it all off, because I couldn't deal with the constant knotting and inevitable breakage that my dry frizzy hair suffered within minutes of being left to its own devices. I even considered...dare I say it?? the evil Brasiliana.... But no. That is not the way any goddess should go!!?! Thankfully I was introduced to the Aromas range at the perfect time. I was just heading into winter break, and I didn't have to rush through my day, and end up just shoving my hair into a topknot, just to keep it out of my way. So I actually had a chance to notice very carefully the incredible shine, weightless control and fluid flexibility my hair achieved with every wash and condition. I have a pic on Instagram that shows just how amazing my hair comes out after simply climbing in the shower with a brilliant shampoo and conditioner! Yes, the shine is incredible; the lack of frizz is phenomenal, and the ease of maneuverability is delightful, but for someone like me who has often been plagued by the horrors of a dry and flaky scalp, having absolutely no flakiness whatsoever within just a couple of washes, means I shouldn't let go of this one!
Vintage spring dress... small treasures make a beautiful life. Healthy hair is that kind of treasure.
 It was a cold day outside, and I knew that winter still had much to say, but my hair was reborn into its own spring! Have I found my Holy Grail of haircare...?? At R320 per product, I think it's a small price to pay for healthy hair. Leave a comment below to tell me what you think of the curl...
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