If you've been waiting for Urban Decay to come to South Africa, then it does seem cruel that they hit Jo'burg first!?! When will these brands realize that in Cape Town, EVERYBODY wears makeup!?! 
Some brands are clever enough to make a plan to cater for our deepest desires... Like the newly launched, and eagerly awaited, Urban Decay.
they may be small, but the basics are brilliant palettes for busy makeup artists
this is an ideal palette for a career mom who means business
This brand needs no introduction. We've been lusting after it for a very long time. Some of us have planned holidays abroad around the acquisition of Naked palettes!! I've watched numerous reviews of these palettes, and it eventually begins to feel like a child plotting a very thorough Christmas list... only... the agony of customs blurred the dream. And nowadays with so many fakes floating around, I wouldn't trust anything else other than an authentic purchase directly from the brand.

The First. Some still say the best...
The good news is: They're here. 

It's not going to be an easy choice...
And for a LIMITED time only, they have a pop up online store available to us folks who are not in Johannesburg!!

I really need a bigger budget!

It's live NOW. Tuesday, 12 July, 9AM. You know the shizz gonna on the link and buy!!
If you only purchase one product, then a R40 delivery fee will get your precious product to you. Go ahead and get two or more products, and your delivery is free. 
I can see myself buying more...
 Have you got a favourite favourite??
Let me know what you buy!!! @amakeupmistress #UrbanDecaySA #igotmine I know it's you!!!
I'm so excited!

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