Sometimes we need to own things just for the fact that they make us smile. It really is that simple. Something bright and cheery and altogether transcendental,  can have a huge impact on how we set out on our daily paths.
There's a store in my local mall that sells "hippie" styled wares. I love going in just to see what's there. Often I have no intention of buying, but sometimes I just can bear not taking something colourful home with me.
A colorful keyring just seems to inspire adventure: perhaps it brings with it a thought provoking road trip. 
A bright purse to carry my small change for times I want to tip the car guards and the petrol attendants, or just help someone with that extra bob at the checkout....
And sometimes I find strange new uses for something as peculiar as a curtain tie!?
Find a few shops that inspire. They may not be your regular haunts, but that's the point.

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